Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's good to be back home again

After a 9 day journey out of the country and away from my family and my home, hey, it's good to be back home again!
I actually have two homes, one is a farm in the great state of Ohio and the other is in a remote mountain village in the exotic kingdom of Thailand. It all started when I ate a vegetarian meal in a small quiet restaurant around the corner from the temple in Thailand. There I met a lady that changed my life, I quickly married her and we started making babies. I came from a great family but she had a better family than I had ever witnessed, even better than the Waltons. No way I could drag her away to Ohio and leave her there, we had to have two homes. I seriously considered selling the farm in Ohio that I had always planned on never selling but in the interest of our children she would not consider it.
So that put me here in Thailand starting a family and building a new house without a job. I had to make visa runs, leave the country for a moment only to step back in and be granted a new length of stay. It was during these visa runs that I noticed gemstones for the first time. The first time because mainly I was a farmer and a construction worker, I never had considered jewelry for any reason though I had stockpiled silver and gold for years due to not trusting the economy and bank. Now jewelry and gemstones is my livelihood. I am now a Registered Gemologist, a silver and goldsmith, a Power Seller on eBay and a beginning seller on Etsy. The silver and gold is being hand hammered one piece at a time into custom made pieces of fine jewelry.

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